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    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US, and listing even a fraction of the cool things in the city alone is too large for this page. Focusing on the South Bay area, a short list of interesting and useful features includes -

    The South Bay music scene once gave rise to 1960s and 1970s beach music-surf rock, especially in the form of The Beach Boys, and in the 1980s saw the formation of local punk rock, notably Black Flag. Check out local venues and you might be able to say you Saw Them When.

    The Aerospace Players are an award-winning amateur performance company made up of aerospace and LAAFB personnel, who put the show on right here ... in Torrance, generally at the Armstrong Theater of the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, which provides a venue for performing and visual arts, and a place for professionals and amateurs to make an exhibition of themselves. The center also features a musical theater, meeting rooms, and gardens.

    The city of Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade has 54+ years of tradition behind it, making it the oldest Armed Forces Day Parade in the US. LAAFB is a participant, and more information will no doubt be made available through base announcements.