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    Los Angeles AFB, CA History

    Los Angeles AFB is one of the more recently created bases in Air Force service, having started as an Air Force Station in 1964, redesignated a base in 1987. Originally LAAFB was activated to support the Aerospace Corporation, and house the Space and Missile Systems Center, Space Superiority Systems Wing, Global Positioning Systems Wing, Space-Based Infrared Systems Wing, Launch and Range Systems Wing, Military Satellite Communications Systems Wing. All of these units and centers rose from a strategic need for military space based operations, and since the early 1960s the Los Angeles AFB site has controlled, supported, and overseen a number of very important projects.

    LAAFB units were involved with the earliest manned and unmanned launches, space-based reconnaissance, satellite global positioning navigation systems, and military satellite communications, as well as early ICBM development and ICBM detection. LAAFB is also the site of the Aerospace Corporation, involved with developing early spaceplane systems, the Atlas and Titan rockets, and supported the two earliest manned space programs, Projects Mercury and Gemini.

    Los Angeles AFB is logistically supported by the 61st Air Base Group, which has its origins in World War Two and Korean War troop air transport and air dropped resupply.

    In 2011, LAAFB joined the SolarStrong energy program to provide solar photovoltaic panel systems to military housing.