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    Los Angeles AFB, CA - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital offering inpatient care near Los Angeles Air Force Base is the California Hospital Medical Center at 1401 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The hospital has surgical facilities as well as emergency room care and can be reached by calling 213-748-2411. For daily medical care, contact the 61st Medical Group in Building 210 who operates an outpatient clinic on base. The clinic at Los Angeles Air Force Base is open weekdays from 0700-1600. For appointments, call (310) 653-6648 (DSN 633-6648), or log-on to: https://www.amc-ids.org/homepage.asp?Base_ID=16

    Tricare is located in Bldg. 272, Room number C2-370 (second floor). It's open Monday -Friday - 0700-1600. For more information about Tricare and its services, visit www.tricare.mil or call (888) 874-9378.

    Our Flight Medicine Clinic front desk phone number is (310) 653-6870 or DSN 633-6870. Our fax is (310) 653-6451 or DSN Fax 633-6451.